Yoga and Movement Classes

The space is bright and beautiful, wonderful early morning light! If you are a teacher your welcome to teach, if you are a beginner or advanced there will be a session for you. I have been teaching Restorative in Fl to 90 years old, so come and bring your experience.  I am also working with toning, Continuum, and meditation. Its a great space for Cabot so lets make it happen.

  • Mens Beginners Yoga Class  8am Monday Mornings. If you are interrested in learning what yoga is, and how it can help you, the class is for all abilities.
  • Restorative Yoga   Class 6 pm Mondays  – Slow relaxing positions to help all abilities relax and restore.
  • Improv  Class  an ongoing series. Learn how to communicate and expand your creative side thru games, and group experience.
  • Upcoming – emotional release class – muscles hold memory , and emotion caused by trama can be released thru movement, dance, music, meditation, creative expression and prayer. Every class addresses one emotion.