Warm Stone Massage


Connecting to the quiet within… moments under some warm stones help us to ground, relieve stress, deepen our breathing and produce a sense of security and peace inside us.                  

The Use of Basalt Stones

  Warm but not hot, these smooth black stones help melt away tension, penetrating warmth not only into your muscles but into your inner being.

The history of these stones perhaps created eons ago, have traveled from glacier to mountaintop, eventually to a riverbed where their edges were worn to a smooth glossy finish. Their weight and density remind us it is Earth, real, solid, stable Earth. When covered with oil, they glide seamlessly across your skin, creating an impetus to detoxify, relax and encourage both body and soul to experience peace and serenity. 

Sandy includes stones in each massage she gives, or you can choose to enjoy an hour and a half of just stones, which includes resting under their warmth and having them stroked on limbs, face, hands and feet.