Scar Therapy and Pain Management

MPS Pain Management and Scar Tissue Therapy  is now offered at Body and Soul Massage and Therapeutics. MPS Therapy Integrates manual techniques with micro-stimulation applied to special acupuncture points for the ultimate deregulation of the automatic nervous system and control of chronic pain-cycle. 

This treatment is gentle, non invasive and Effective. Results have been documented on film and compiled with clients from around the USA to confirm the amazing results especially for the release of scar tissue, be it from hip, knee surgery, cancer or broken bones. Don’t be discouraged, there is hope and freedom for you. For an appointment, call Sandy Pond at 802-917-8883.

Here are interviews with clients that have used this treatment. When you click on adescription below, a new window will pop-up and present the video.


Kathy : Nerve Damage In Toes      Result: Decreased Pain, Increased Flexibility
Megan : Surgical Scar Knee Treatment      Result: Increased Flexibility
Rose : Surgical Scar Torso Treatment      Result: Decreased Pain, Increased Flexibility
Michael: Sciatic Nerve Pain      Result: Decreased Pain
Nicole: Surgical Scar Torso Treatment      Result: Eliminated Pain in first treatment
Elaine: Pain in Feet (level 5-7) “like fire”   Result: Decreased Pain to a 1 in first treatment