Laying on of hands to bring healing started in 1987 when Sandy became an ordained minister under Full Gospel International. She has experienced the healing power of God and witnessed many miracles here in the US and abroad. She has ministered in Israel many times, Bhutan, India, Nepal, as well as Turkey and Cyprus.  Olive Tree Institute, a three year Licensing program, was founded and run by Sandy in Bend, Oregon. Her focus is in Hebrew roots of the Christian faith. Prayer and counseling is always offered at Body and Soul.        

Sandy has also used her hands as an artist adept in many media, from steel to clay, fabrics to glass. And she is a 2-D artist as well as sculptor. Melding together these elements of the earth, water, fire, metal and ether, she has created a peaceful, inspiring environment for you in which to relax and rejuvenate.    

Massage has come naturally to Sandy as she studied at the Florida Academy of Massage and Skin Care, developing her own unique style of massage. Her broad knowledge of technical body work skills meld seamlessly to bring her clients a profound healing experience. Sandy has advanced her Continuing Education credits, focusing on Ultimate Pain Therapy and MPS training, which includes: Circuits, Home Health, Auricular (using ear points for people with limited mobility), and Scar Therapy. Click on Scar Therapy page for more information. 

In order to better serve her CRT clients, Sandy has completed 20 hours of Advanced Certification in elective Master Classes in addition to the standard required training in Cranial Release Therapy. See Therapeutics page for a link to more information. Empyrean Massage is Sandy’s unique method of relaxing modalities. Empyrean (Em pe rēan): 1. The highest heaven. The abode of God and the angels. Anciently conceived as a region of pure fire. 2. The firmament. Cosmic space. adjective