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Located in  Cabot, Vermont,  you will  find a calm, peaceful, open-hearted, creative space for you  to relax and let go of  dis-ease, allowing your healing to begin.  A heated massage table, and warm stones, await your tight muscles whether you’ve been outside, or in.      
Massage affects every aspect of your mind, body, and emotions. By relaxing your muscles and unlocking energy blockages, endorphins will be released, and toxins will be flushed away allowing your body to regain its natural balance, giving you comfort.

Massage Offerings

Empyrean, Swedish, Deep Tissue, Cupping, Healing Touch, Polarity


Scar  Release Therapy (SRT), Cranial Release Technique (CRT),  MPS  Ultimate Pain Therapy (hybrid of Acupuncture Raindrop Therapy, Aromatherapy , Warm Stone Therapy, Posturology)
Yoga Classes and Pottery Classes are available for private and group lessons. 

“I honor the opportunity to create a Massage Therapy program that exceeds your expectations!”….Sandy Pond